What's New at the Atikokan Family Health Team?

Atikokan Family Health Team Has Two Sites!

The Atikokan Family Health Team now has two sites.  Site One is called the Atikokan Family Health Team Clinic site and it is located at 123 Marks Street.  All the Physicians work at the Clinic site. Site Two is the Atikokan Family Health Team Outreach site located at 101 Zuke Rd and it is staffed by two RNs,  two RPNs, a Dietitian, a Pharmacist, a Nurse Practitioner and a Mental Health Worker.  Please call 597-8781 to make an appointment with any of the above listed health professionals or to enquire about our many programs.  To make an appointment with a physician please call 597-2721.

Don't Have a Family Doctor?

The Atikokan Family Health Team is inviting patients to register their name on the unrostered patients list.  Once registered on the list, a person is eligible to be rostered on a doctor's patient list as space becomes available.  It is important to register in order to enroll with an available doctor.  Rostering simply involves signing a form to indicate that Dr. X is your family physician.  It is a simple process that can be done online by clicking on the big red button on the right side of this screen called Doctor Sign Up or by calling 597-2721 and speaking with reception.  All you need to do is supply your name, date of birth, phone number and email address and you will be added to the list.  Once a spot becomes available you will be contacted.

Some Current Programs Available 

COPD Program

Are you a smoker or an ex-smoker over the age of 40 who does one of the following:

  • Cough regularly
  • Cough up phlegm regularly
  • Simple chores make you short of breath
  • Wheeze when you exert yourself at night
  • Gets frequent colds that persist longer than those of other people

Contact us and a nurse will do an assessment on you and work with you to try to improve these issues.  You can call 597-8781 for more information.




Featured Programs

  • Integrated Cancer Screening

    Many types of cancer don't have screening tests, but some cancers can be found before you feel something is wrong.  This program is designed to increase cancer screening participation for average and high-risk populations (breast,... Read more

  • Immunization

    The Immunization Program involves promoting and implementing vaccinations to people of all ages, and advising them of the risks and benefits involved. The Family Health Team Nurses... Read more

  • Nutrition

    Our Registered Dietitian is a food and nutrition expert who can help you put nutrition and lifestyle changes into action for better health.  She provides information, individual counselling and group sessions.  She works collaboratively with... Read more

  • Primary Health Nursing Care

    The Family Health Team Nurses assesses the patient and prepare them for their visit with the doctor.  This can include blood pressure reading, glucometer testing, weights/heights, and initial... Read more

  • Mental Health

    The Atikokan Family Health Team's Mental Health Program offers individual counselling sessions for those referred by a doctor or nurse. Groups are also offered and cover a variety of mental health issues. Stress Management based... Read more

  • Urgent Care Clinic

    We offer an Urgent Care Clinic every Monday to Friday afternoon.  You must call 597-2721 the same day that you need an urgent appointment.  There are... Read more

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